Teton Bros. Teton Bros.

Teton Bros.

Creating products and a future that moves forward with nature, together with people who share the vision.

With the motto of living with nature and reflecting the belief and passion in its products, the brand designs and produces excellent items with ideas and advanced materials.
Incorporating feedback from athletes and guides who are active in the field, the brand keeps evolving.


  • Wind River Hoody

    Wind River Hoody

    The long-selling windshell hoodie of Teton Bros.
    Excellent windproofing, water repellency, light weight, and micro-unevenness on the underside of the fabric minimize the discomfort of the fabric sticking to the body with sweat.

  • TB Jacket

    TB Jacket

    Flagship jacket with the breathable waterproof material “Täsmä.”
    The specs and functions have been greatly improved with the use of the breathable waterproof material “Täsmä.” This new material, made of high-strength nylon, is durable and stretchable, and ensures both complete waterproofness and breathability.