drymax drymax


Protects feet from moisture that causes blisters and blisters.

drymax uses originally developed fibers, which have been proven in experiments to be about 25 times drier than ordinary socks. It promises to make your running life more enjoyable by dramatically reducing blisters and other running problems.


  • Hyper Thin Running

    Hyper Thin Running

    The world's thinnest running socks.
    Not only does the thinness of the socks keep your feet dry, but the new technology allows moisture inside the socks to escape directly to the outside, preventing friction between the skin of the foot and the sock surface.

  • Cold Weather Running

    Cold Weather Running

    More effective in low-temperature conditions.
    Staying dry is the key to remaining warm, comfortable, and safe in cold weather conditions. By adding drymax fiber insulation along the sock's leading edge, it reduces forefoot chills, such as wind chill.